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"We want to show you that healthy can be delicious."



We serve a mean burger but we also show our love to all our vegetarian friends; we're in tune with the rythms of Mexico City (we serve breakfast til 4 pm); TEO is something that lives in the moment but is anchored in something deeper.

photos by: Staff


Our luncheonette is modern but cozy and elegant yet simple. The interior design was done by the ridiculously talented people at Mob Studio. It reflects the origins of our concept, which comes from the time our founders spent living in California. land of reimagined classics: shrimp burritos, music festivals, skinny jeans, tolerance, equality, golden sunsets, spanglish, politicians who act, actors who wait on tables, kale salad, yoga, bbq's, sun and snow. We learned a thing or two about the good life and we want to share it.







Havre 83 Col. Juárez
Ciudad de México



Mon to Sun 8 am – 8 pm


TEO Luncheonette

Teo is a luncheonette and art gallery located in the trendy Colonia Juarez neighberhood of Mexico City.


Created by Jose A. Beltran, inspired by the time he spent living in Southern California, TEO is a space where creativity, good living and positive vibes coexist with the intent of generating a unique experience. Our menu is inspired in high quality local produce, showcasing seasonal vegetables that are presented in fresh and unique ways. The art we proudly exhibit gives space to up and coming Mexican artists. 

TEO: eat well, feel good, repeat.  

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